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Our Services:

Personalized Training

Our Instructor Staff are uniquely qualified to provide training for the 1st Day novice or an old dog that wants to learn new tricks!

Group Events

Group Training is always welcome! CTS2 will help teams develop cohesive and comprehensive SOPs and genuine Team Building events.

Consulting Services

Our Team has experience in US Military, SOF and Law Enforcement fields. We stand ready to deliver quality services at an affordable price.

Foreign and CONUS Based Recommended Best Practices:

Due to current trade and supply delays around the globe and ITAR laws and regulations, CTS2 requests foreign organizations to utilize government or organization provided weapons, ammunition and equipment to conduct training and reduce training delays. CTS2 will provide all necessary training support materiel and material for training conducted in the continental United States. US based private or small groups are authorized to bring their personal equipment to conduct training.

The following Courses are available:

  • 1- Day Marksmanship
  • 3-Day Advanced Skills
  • 5-Day Multi Scenario Skills
  • M-249 SAW qualification training (US DoS WPS standard)
  • M-240G MG qualification training (US DoS WPS standard)
  • Glock 19/ M4 US DoS qualification Course Prep
  • Motorcade Operations
  • CQB
  • VCQB
  • Long Range Carbine
  • Precision Rifle
  • Executive Protection Fundamentals
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Facility Threat Assessments
  • Self Defense
  • Threat Detection & Deterrence
  • Customer Developed Training Courses

Equipment Requirements

  • Short Barrel Carbines w/ required kit (magazines, Load bearing vests)
    • AK-47 w/ required Kit and ammunition
  • Standard Issue Pistol w/ required kit (magazines, belt and holster(s))
  • Precision Rifle Set w/ Spotting scope and Long Range Observation Kit
  • Crew Served Weapons w/kit and associated optics and T&E.

Course Parameters

  • Training Location(s): CONUS (North Carolina, USA) or OCONUS (Based on Client Need)
  • Class Size: Minimum Class Size: 15 / Maximum Class Size: 50
  • CONUS based clients are authorized to attend training with personal equipment and weapons.
  • OCONUS clients selecting to train in the U.S. will be provided equipment for training in compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
  • Training at OCONUS locations: Request clients provide all ITAR restricted materials and training equipment
  • All students will be provided take home course materials
  • 60% payment in Advance for OCONUS Clients


Other national industry competitors have similar training programs for a much higher cost. The downtrend is their desire to push through customers to drive profits versus ensuring the student is 1) Capable; 2) Competent; 3) Reliable; 4) Resilient. CTS2’s commitment rests solely on the client and their endstate. CTS2 is located near one of the United States’ premier Special Operations bases and retains a strong experience pool of guest instructors that will afford students access to the latest methods and practices.

CTS2 is the biggest “bang for your buck” when you are looking for quality, no frills, no gimmicks training. Our training is conducted indoors and outdoors to ensure students gain proper understanding of ballistics theory and marksmanship fundamentals. We train dry, wet, cold, hot, hungry and tired to ensure the customer has a quality product that is capable of performing regardless of the situation.

Still having trouble Deciding? Get A Consultation

It is perfectly OK to be nervous about choosing the right training partner. There are various masters and perpetual students of firearms and shooting in the industry. Please feel free to give us a call to learn more about why we are the training solution of choice for your organization’s training and development needs!